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About is a collection of art and stories surrounding a group of night elf characters in the World of Warcraft setting. Though the main character, Acrona, was created back in 2005, on this site her stories begin largely from the aftermath of the Burning of Teldrassil.


I've always been enthusiastic about drawing and fantasy art. After years of weaving stories, making art and writing about my characters, and even commissioning other artists to help illustrate their moments, this site works as a space where people can view their content in one place. I love storytelling and work towards becoming both a better artist and writer!

On WoW I play on Argent Dawn EU server only, where I've also loved hosting a variety of roleplay events and other community initiatives.

In case you're curious about commissions, unfortunately I'm not available for work at this time.


Please do not use the artwork of my characters without my permission.

You can also find me on
Twitter | Bsky |  YouTube | Argent ArchivesInstagram | Tumblr

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