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“A daughter of two worlds never finding a place to belong, at first sight she may give off the impression of a ghost dominated by a profound melancholy.”


In the lush forest of Ashenvale, a little baby girl was discovered three hundred years ago. Her origin shrouded in mystery, the infant was taken in by the kaldorei who found her; Curuf, a compassionate and solitary hunter who had roamed the depths of the forest for centuries.

He named the girl Acrona.

Acrona’s early days were marked by the gentle rustle of leaves, the whispering winds, and learning how to live off the land. Under Curuf’s patient guidance, she was taught the ways of the forest. Though physically too brittle to hunt animals, Acrona become adept at moving quietly in the wilds, gathering nature's bounty.

Nevertheless, there was always something not quite right about the child. She lacked emotional depth, devoid of youthful excitement even when surrounded by peers. The passing years brought little change, and Acrona spent much time in isolation. Too frail to become a Sentinel, too distant to be a Priestess of the Moon in service of her kin, and with druidism restricted to men, Acrona focused on herbalism to carry her own weight in the local society.

Eventually, when the Cenarion Circle opened its doors to women, in hopes of finding more meaning to her life, Acrona sought tutolage in druidism.

In the aftermath of the Third War, the night elves joined the Alliance, bringing an end to their seclusion. Her talent in druidism lacking, Acrona set out to see the world, to see if she could earn her place somewhere else -  a choice that would soon change the course of the young elf’s life.

Adventures outside her homelands were full of opportunities Acrona had never had in the past. While traveling, she discovered diverse views on life and encountered many magical wonders. She felt a deep inner tug, an innate power that pulled her towards it. Her attraction to mysterious magic, arcane, was revealing itself.

A journey to Feralas showed the likely cause. Coming across Shen’dralar elves, Acrona's striking resemblance to the members of the Winterflow family didn’t go unnoticed. She finally unearthed her heritage, but where there should've been a joyous reunion, was a sense of shame. It had been due to the Highborne’s ambitions with magic that the Burning Legion almost wiped out their people during the War of the Ancients, desperate times that escalated in the sundering of the world. Because of this, the practice of arcane magic was outlawed in the night elf society.

Despite of all, Acrona couldn’t deny the power fluttering in her core - as if it were a force she must control lest it bursts. Shunning her Highborne heritage, Acrona sought tutolage from the human mages in Stormwind instead.

Impressed by the people she came to meet in the heart of the Alliance, the young elf challenged her own quiet nature, and organized many public events from festivals to tournaments ​in a good-hearted attempt to improve relations between the peoples of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. In Kalimdor, the elf kept low profile about her practice of magic. It wasn’t until Tyrande Whisperwind allowed the Shen’dralar Highborne back into their society that Acrona returned to live in Kalimdor.

Years passed as Acrona sought to do her part helping her kin, and protect the tumultuous world they lived in. Vowing to never forsake Elune in the name of power like the Highborne had, Acrona chose her markings at last; an azure crescent moon framing each eye, a reminder to not lose vision of her people's virtues.

Then came the Fourth War, and the soul-shattering events that haunt Acrona to this day.

Soundtrack: Acrona's Theme

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