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The Winterflows

The Winterflows are an ancient Highborne family. Before the War of the Ancients most of the family lived in the former night elf capital Zin-Azshari. Like most other Highborne of the city they were fascinated with the powers of the Well of Eternity and embraced the benefits granted by their upper class stature.

Only few Winterflows remain today, their seats of glory reduced to ruin and bittersweet memories of times long gone. After Prince Tortheldrin was slain by the Horde, the family fled into the wilds for a time. Eventually, Mordent Evenshade convinced High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind to allow the Shen'dralar find their place in the wider night elf society. Perhaps out of reluctance to follow a new ruler, the Winterflows returned to restore their former home amidst the ruins of Eldre'thalas rather than settle in Darnassus.


Having survived for ten long millenia, the loss of immortality and the many conflicts of Azeroth pose an ever greater risk of wiping out what remains of the tenacious bloodline.



Serafier is the eldest living member and the austere mistress of the withered Highborne house. She fled Zin-Azshari during the War of the Ancients and joined the Shen'dralar in Eldre'Thalas with her young sons Dalathir and Vasserath. Expecting her third child at the time, she gave birth to Reikh'aris in Feralas. Serafier is considered the most powerful member of the family, an artificer who guards her ancient knowledge of the arcane with secrecy.

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As flamboyant as he's dexterious, Dalathir uses his arcane prowess to conjure a spellbow and enchanted arrows in battle. Though prideful, the air about him is far more approachable than that of his mother's, and given the opportunity he doesn't shy away from using his charms to his benefit.


Reikh'aris is the youngest son of Serafier and Mafus, born in Eldre'thalas soon after the Sundering. Devoting himself to the research of ancient knowledge, Reikh often travels the world with his mother to unearth hidden artifacts. In recent times Reikh has taken on the role of mentoring Acrona in magic.



Dalathir's twin brother Vasserath abandoned the family when Prince Tortheldrin's orders began to thin the elven population of Eldre'Thalas. Bearing a hateful grudge against their mother over a grave deed, he took on his late father's surname, Nightomen, and pursued a solitary life, cutting ties with the Shen'dralar and the Winterflows.



A Zin-Azshari Highborne, late husband of Serafier and the father of Dalathir, Vasserath and Reikh'aris. Even though his and Serafier's marriage had been arranged by their families, the two also came to love each other deeply. Until recent times it had been assumed that Mafus Nightomen lost his life defending Queen Azshara's palace against the Kaldorei Resistance during the War of the Ancients.



Vainglorious and ostentatious, Reikh'aris's wife Malavde Starspire wore the reputation of an impudent and boldly flirtatious woman in Eldre'thalas. Whereas Serafier carries herself with a calm and distant poise, this skilled illusionist revels in being the center of attention and unearthing gossip.



Serafier's saber companion, often seen in the form of an exuberant cub.

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